Galle OPL

The Port of Galle situated in the southern coast of Sri Lanka is mainly used for leisure activities and as a service port. The port of Galle is ideally situated as a service port for vessels plying the major East/West shipping route across the Indian ocean with Galle outer port limits (OPL) situated just a few nautical miles from the MSR (Maritime Silk Route). It is estimated that approximately 300 to 350 vessels travel past southern Sri Lanka on a daily basis, which makes this one of the busiest shipping routes on a daily basis. Ship owners and managers can use the port of Galle to supply and service their vessel’s at OPL with minimum deviation time.

MMS specializes in providing following services at Galle OPL

  • Provisions, Fresh water, Lubricant & Chemical supply
  • Spares delivery and landing
  • CTM
  • Crew changes
  • Sea marshal operations